Splendour of the Classical Dances of Andhra Pradesh por Varalaxmi Janapathy

April 4, 2020

Splendour of the Classical Dances of Andhra Pradesh por Varalaxmi Janapathy
Titulo del libro : Splendour of the Classical Dances of Andhra Pradesh
Autor : Varalaxmi Janapathy
Fecha de lanzamiento : October 30, 2006
Número de páginas : 300
ISBN : 8178355078
Editor : Kalpaz Publications

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My aim is to present the history, origin, technique and basic principles underlying the dance forms of Andhra Pradesh. A study of the art, architecture and literature through the ages reveals that the art of dance flourished and occupied a special place in the evolution of Andhra Culture. "Andhri" style referred to by Bharata in his Natyassastra relates to Telgu Land. Popularity of Compositions of Kshetrayya, Narayana Tundha, and others richly contributed to the enrichment of various styles. Madhura Bhakti of Atma was a popular theme in the remote past and was replaced by Sringararasa later on through the popularity of Satyabhama and Nayaka-Nayaki Bhava. Now there is world wide interest on account of the Lasya and Abhinaya of these forms. Several regional forms of dance, dance dramas, folk dances, classical dances and various other forms existed for centuries in Andhra Desa, as an essential part of sacred rites and festivals patronized by the royalty, practiced by the artists and appreciated by the elite of society, as well as commoners., About The Author:- Varalakshmi Janapathy had a brilliant academic career and studied at the famous Andhra Christian College, Guntur and Law College, Madras. Took a PG diploma in Politics and Public Administration from madras University and another diploma in Journalism form BIKT, Bombay . She is a well-known writer and an orator. Her interests range form music to gardening. Her short stories broadcast out the AIR, Hyderabad were published. Her research work on "Indian women through Ages" was well received by the public and the press as one of the outstanding works and the 1st copy was released by Sri Manmohan Singhji the Prime Minister of India and she received a coveted AP Sahitya Academy Award for 1980 and Grihalakshimi Swama Kankaram of Kesari Kuteram, Maoras in 1982 and Kalaprapoorna title from Andhra University in 1988, in addition to several other awards like Durga Bai Deshmuck award by Abhinandana, Narla Sahito Puraskaram, T