The Keepers of the House por Shirley Ann Grau

January 21, 2020

The Keepers of the House por Shirley Ann Grau
Titulo del libro : The Keepers of the House
Autor : Shirley Ann Grau
Fecha de lanzamiento : November 11, 2003
Número de páginas : 320
ISBN : 1400030749
Editor : Vintage

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Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1965, The Keepers of the House is Shirley Ann Grau’s masterwork, a many-layered indictment of racism and rage that is as terrifying as it is wise.

Entrenched on the same land since the early 1800s, the Howlands have, for seven generations, been pillars of their Southern community. Extraordinary family lore has been passed down to Abigail Howland, but not all of it. When shocking facts come to light about her late grandfather William’s relationship with Margaret Carmichael, a black housekeeper, the community is outraged, and quickly gathers to vent its fury on Abigail. Alone in the house the Howlands built, she is at once shaken by those who have betrayed her, and determined to punish the town that has persecuted her and her kin.

Morally intricate, graceful and suspenseful, The Keepers of the House has become a modern classic.